Information & Mobile Technology

Geo Location Intelligence company: Bona served as a consultant for a Middle-Eastern big data and GLI entity for the preparation of a possible exit strategy thru sales development in its home country and thru forming international strategic partnerships.

Digital Energy Management App start-up: Bona was advised for a second round of investment generation for this highly acclaimed IoT type young generation start-up company which helps the sustainability of energy while creating operational excellence and cost savings for energy sourcing companies as well as retail malls, hotel/food chains, government buildings etc.

Emotion Detection s/w and h/w start-up: Bona is commissioned as the investment fund source locater for this patent pending hi-tech product.

Mobile/TV Gaming App: A well-known TV gaming production is now combining its TV production success with a mobile app to sustain its successful growth. Bona is commissioned to find investors.

Bar, Restaurant Artificial Intelligence (AI) Beverage Management platform: This is a Silicon Valley project that already received an initial fund, and is now looking for the second round to showcase its proven and working model. Bona is appointed to search and introduce investors.

International Gesture Recognition and Interactive Billboard Company: Bona is consulting this hi-tech international company to penetrate into Middle-East.