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Bona Services & Segments

Bona implements and achieves the optimum in M&A, Spin–off, Debt financing, Financial restructuring, Strategic Partnership, Business Development, Business Streamlining, Investment, Management & Operational needs of its clients.


Bona’s trademark assessment algorithm tool called TIBA helped many clients find the right solutions in their business needs/decisions in the fields of: Energy & Chemicals, FMCG, Logistics, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices, Information & Mobile Technology, Real Estate, Aviation, Insurance, Automotive, Retail, Hotel & Tourism, Durables, Education, Marina/Port and Shipping.

Confidentiality: Under its contract restrictions, Bona has the responsibility to protect its clients and their data. Therefore, Bona has willingly omitted the use of such sensitive information when explaining the below projects under each segment. Below you will find some of the projects that Bona has either taken active role or is still involved in. You will also discover, under certain segments, the competence set of Bona team.


Proton Therapy Centers: Internationalization of this growing cancer therapy turn key solution providing company, via formation of a fund and locating the right investors.


Ophthalmology Hospital: Bona has been commissioned by one of the big four consultancy firms for the operational restructuring needs of an ophthalmic hospital chain.


Bona Team: Our Team has an extensive experience, from Operational to Medical Management aspects of running  any Healthcare or Hospital/Clinic value chain.

Doctor and Patient
Sustainable Energy

Energy & Chemical

Natural Gas Production & Distribution sites: Financial restructuring project for two centers (project investment value of 1.3B USD) in the Middle-East in the form of stock purchase or stock pledge, via activation of government and private sources.


Natural Gas & Oil Filling/Reserve Ports: Privatization project of three highly strategic sites in Europe thru attracting investors from Asia, Middle-East and East-Europe.


Chemical Factory spin-off: Bona, thru its Bona Partners, was able to find interested investors for the spin-off of a lucrative Chemical factory in the Middle-East.


Air-Sea-Land Logistics firm: Bona acted as a consultant in the process of the spin-off project of a Middle-Eastern logistics firm.


Bona Team: Our consultants have both operational and managerial (as well as senior level accountability) experience in various international logistics companies.

Medical Technology

Pharma & Medical Device

Cataract Ring: Fund raising and governance of an ophthalmology entity that has innovated a state of the art ring to resolve many mishaps of a cataract surgery. Bona has also invested in this particular company.


Prostate Cancer Analyzer: Investor development for a patent pending innovative device.


Dental Prosthesis Material Production Company: Bona is the consultant to this Middle-Eastern company that has a unique value proposition. Our mission is to find investors and to expand the company into Europe for a new production facility.

Visual eye behavior measurement & correction technology product with Simultaneous Localization & Mapping (SLAM) with Light Detection & Ranging (LIDAR). Bona has been assigned to find investors for this Swiss based product and to coordinate its Middle-East expansion. 


Plastic Parts Producer: M&A search for a specific plastic auto parts producer in East-Europe for a top automotive company in the Middle-East.


Bona Team: Our consultants have both operational and managerial (as well as senior level accountability) experience in various international automotive companies

Machine Arm Assembling Car
Coding Station

Information & Mobile Technology

Geo Location Intelligence company: Bona served as a consultant for a Middle-Eastern big data and GLI entity for the preparation of a possible exit strategy thru sales development in its home country and thru forming international strategic partnerships.


Digital Energy Management App start-up: Bona was advised for a second round of investment generation for this highly acclaimed IoT type young generation start-up company which helps the sustainability of energy while creating operational excellence and cost savings for energy sourcing companies as well as retail malls, hotel/food chains, government buildings etc


Emotion Detection s/w and h/w start-up: Bona is commissioned as the investment fund source locater for this patent pending hi-tech product.


Mobile/TV Gaming App: A well-known TV gaming production is now combining its TV production success with a mobile app to sustain its successful growth. Bona is commissioned to find investors.


Bar, Restaurant Artificial Intelligence (AI)  Beverage Management platform: This is a Silicon Valley project that already received an initial fund, and is now looking for the second round to showcase its proven and working model. Bona is appointed to search and introduce investors.


International Gesture Recognition and Interactive Billboard Company: Bona is consulting this hi-tech international company to penetrate into Middle-East

Real Estate

Hotel-Residence Mixed Real Estate Project: An 80+ million Euro project in Germany. Bona is commissioned to market the project for corporate and / or individual investors.


Dorm Project: A 10+ million Euro dorm project, located in one of the biggest university city in Germany, is commissioned to Bona for corporate and/or individual investors.


Building search to be redesigned as an Airbnb model: Bona is commissioned by an individual investor, with a specific description, to search for three buildings in New York, Miami and Los Angeles to be redesigned and refurbished.


Hotel-Residence Mixed Real estate Project: A 90 million USD project in Miami. Bona was the lead assessor and intermediary for the investor relations.


Hospitality/Event Center: A 45 million Euro real estate, in Cannes. The project was to turn the location into a hotel/event center hub with retail and restaurant facilities.


Real Estate Investment Opportunities: Thru its strategic partners, Bona is serving individual and corporate clients to invest in various types of residential and commercial projects mainly in US and Turkey.


Bona Team: Our consultants have both operational and managerial (as well as senior level accountability) experience in various REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) companies.

Growing Metropolis
Image by Piero Nigro


Bona Team: Our consultants have both operational and managerial (as well as senior level accountability) experience in FMCG corporate entities.


Bona Team: Our consultants have both operational and managerial (as well as senior level accountability) experience in various aviation and ground handling companies.

Aircraft Hangar
Image by camilo jimenez


Mid-size Insurance Company: Search for investors for the spin-off of a full-fledged and licensed insurance company in the Middle-East.


Scrap/Totaled Car Parts Platform: Bona has been commissioned to spin-off this high profit margin company located in the Middle-East.


Market Entry support for an Educational Institution: Bona is serving as a consultant for marketing, PR, sales development, government relations for this international group.

Stack of Books
Hotel in the mountains

Hotels & Tourism

Well-Being Village: An innovative, four season detox and well-being farm, located in one of the Aegean’s beautiful islands is commissioned to Bona for possible investor search.


Hotel Project P : A 15+million Euro project in Paris. Bona was commissioned to market the project for corporate and/or individual investors.


Hotel Project A: A 30 million Euro hotel acquisition project in Amsterdam. Bona was the lead consultant in the M&A and Management side of the project.


Hotel Project I: A 25 million Euro hotel acquisition assessment project in Istanbul. Bona was assigned to manage the process and act as an intermediary.


International Retail Brands Chain: Bona is serving as a consultant for the market entry needs of an Asia-Pacific international group to Middle-Eastern market thru franchising model.

Fashion retailer
Marseilles Port

Shipping, Port and Marina

Marina Privatization: Bona is commissioned with the project of finding corporate and individual investors for a strategic European marina.


Stainless Steel Kitchenware Company Restructuring: Bona is acting as a consultant firm for this Middle-Eastern, 50 years old family run company, for debt restructuring, machine park renewal financing, change management, and international business development thru strategic partnerships in East-Europe, Middle-East and Asia.

Image by Trinity Treft
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